Ayer Lofts Gallery
May 4th to 27th
Opening Reception May 4th 5-7PM
Sponsored by Tom Fiorelli

Spectral Narratives
a pictorial language, transit to the unknown
Alfonso Bonilla

About the Artist
Alfonso Bonilla is a Colombian Photographer, Multimedia
Designer, and Teacher. He has worked in
China and Singapore. Alfonso has spent many
years doing research and experimentation
in graphic photography and its possibilities as a
medium of pictorial expression of language.
He uses the technological tools of graphic design in
combination with image overlays and a
subjective composition to communicate the message.
Thus, producing a reconfiguration of reality with great
chromatic richness.
This work connects and talks easily to contemporary
audiences. Who are hungry
for images that move amid the
global screens in which we all live.
His work is an unmistakable sign of our hyper - modern times